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A game exploring the potential harm of small choices, culminating in a struggle for the fate of existence itself.

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About Vault of Stars

The Island of Souls is the world beyond our world, the home of the World Tree. The souls of the dead migrate here, filtered through the World Tree and into the Vault of Stars – the shield between the void and reality. The Vault keeps the void from spilling into the world and devouring the light at last.

The living also feel the pull of the Tree. Over the millennia, they have come to worship the Tree… and many have sought to harness its power for themselves. The ruined structures of pilgrims and would-be rulers dot the islands. But the arrival of the living brought impurities to the islands, weakening the vitality of the Tree. It is this darkness in humanity’s desires that poisons their gods and brings the Void’s entropy into reality.

The Void has corrupted the Vault of Stars, and the protective constellations have fallen from the heavens. They have crashed into the Islands of Souls, destroying the World Tree. Only you – a creature of starlight and hope – can stop its corrosive spread.

Shadow Creature Orb

You are the Starchild

You must rid the islands of this corruption, by whatever means possible. You will explore the islands and uncover the truth of how the Void came to pollute each of the islands. You must find a way to remove its taint from these holy places, either through healing or destruction. Only then will you be ready to confront your ultimate foe: the spirit of the corrupted Stag.

And in the end, you will discover whether you contain within yourself the seeds of the heavens’ salvation – or its annihilation.

Starchild Spirit
Raven Flying

An open-world puzzle adventure game

Fly through the world as a spirit of starlight using our innovative rubberband movement system.
Travel across the islands of the Vault, restoring the light or purging the shadows.

Control Magical Artifacts

Take over ancient constructs to help you navigate and interact with the world.

Dust Motes

Environmental Storytelling

Cave paintings, crumbling ruins, and animated memories of the past replay like ghostly echoes to reveal the mysterious story.

Dust Motes
Wall Paintings

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