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Vault of Stars is an adventure game that explores human nature and the power of choice.

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About Vault of Stars

The Guardians of the Vault of Stars stand vigil against the encroaching void, which threatens all reality with annihilation. But their defenses weaken and the void is ascendant, corrupting their power. They fall and shatter the World Tree, rising as unholy shadows of themselves. Now all of reality stands at risk.

You must rid the islands of this corruption by whatever means possible. Explore the islands to uncover the truth of how the Void came to pollute them, and find a way to remove its taint from these sacred places.

Shadow Creature Orb

You are the last hope of the Guardians

You are a being of starlight created by the Guardians of the Vault in a final desperate bid to protect reality against the pervasive influence of the Voidbringer.

You must navigate the islands of the World Tree to restore balance, in a struggle for the fate of existence itself. Only you can stop the Void’s corrosive spread.

Do you contain the seeds of the world’s salvation – or its annihilation?

Starchild Spirit
Raven Flying

A being of starlight

Travel across the islands of the Vault, exploring the ruined cultures of the dead souls who once lived there. Fly through the world as a spirit of starlight using our innovative rubberband movement system.

A being of stone

Enter the stony body of an ancient construct and change the world around you.

Dust Motes

Mysteries of the past

Alongside cave paintings and crumbling ruins, the animated memories of the dead and vanished replay like ghostly echoes, revealing the truth…and the way forward.

Dust Motes

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