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Vault of Stars is an adventure game that explores human nature and the power of choice.

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The World Tree is the link between the realms of existence, spanning time, space, and the heavens. It stands at the center of an archipelago that mortals call the Islands of Souls: the first station of the afterlife for the souls of the dead.

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The World Tree purifies the souls of the dead, sending their essence to the stars, where they become one with the gods – the protectors of creation, guardians of the Vault of Stars, holding back the corruption of the all-devouring Void.

The Guardians were born from the World Tree. They are the protectors of existence, strengthened by human belief and desire.

The Stag leads the Guardians to keep the Void’s corruption at bay.

Vault of Stars Stag Tree

Throughout history, humans have come to the Islands of Souls – to worship the guardians, or to control their power. They constructed shrines and fortresses, but as these civilizations fell, their buildings are all that remain, leaving only a reminder of who they once were.

Shark Temple

Guided by the Voidbringer, mortals brought their darkness and fears to the pristine islands of the World Tree. They poisoned the Tree and weakened its Guardians. The blight of the Void infected the Stag, whose fall shattered the World Tree. In its destruction, monsters made of ravening shadow arose.

With their last remaining power, the surviving Guardians created you, the Last Star. You must eliminate the Void’s corruption from the islands – by whatever means necessary.

Can you bring new life to the World Tree… or will its light fade forever?

Seahorse and Temple

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